How to disassemble Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus including screen | Video

After Galaxy S22Also “Big Brother” S22 Plus Subject to teardown ritual Which tells us how the machine is assembled. PBKreviews is always interested in him, which in recent days has proven to be very active towards the new South Korean family best in scope (Yesterday we also informed you resistance tests Galaxy S22 Ultra, for phones Example). Let’s anticipate the details right away: If you’ve seen the standard S22’s disassembly, which we told you about a few days ago, the differences are less optimistic. After all, the real benefit of videos of this type appears in the long run, when owners need to repair their device and look for a dedicated guide.

anyway. As usual, Starting from the back cover, which is attached with adhesive to the rest of the body. So we need heat, suction cups, shovels and above all patience to avoid further damage. Note that such an operation jeopardizes the water resistance of the device, even if new adhesive is applied when reassembled. Directly under the back cover is a panel that contains wireless charging and incorporates several graphite zones for heat dissipation. Next, it’s all about disconnecting the cables and components, most of which are tangled. The motherboard includes a graphite sheet on the RAM, SoC, and other “hot” components; There is also some thermal paste to facilitate heat transfer.

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t consider tabs to make it easier to extract the battery, but they didn’t go overboard with the adhesive either, so you can still benefit from a little isopropyl alcohol and patience without much effort. It is worth mentioning that To remove the screenFinally, it is not necessary to completely disassemble the rear part: just heat the front part of the device and proceed, always with great care, with the picks and suction cups. The most delicate point is the connection to the rest of the components: there is a flex cable but it only protrudes, so you need to be very careful – especially when reinstalling the replacement component: you have to practically align the screen with the connector blindly. By also opening the back, the work is much easier.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G is available online from Comet a €1079. Watch the other 12 shows click here.

(Updated February 10, 2022 at 3:22 pm)

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