How to detoxify the body in just 3 days

Sugar: Did you know we can detoxify this food in three days? Let’s find out together how we can do it.

In the course of our lives we suppose a lot of sugar: This is one of those foods that can harm our body a lot and is one of those ingredients that are found in many foods, such as sweets, ice cream, chocolate, and soft drinks.

But there is a way, even very fast, that we can do Used to detoxify ourselves from sugar. What we need is a lot of patience. This treatment lasts about 72 hours: Only 3 days laterAnd the We can already see the difference and feel much better.

How to Detox from Sugar in Three Days (Pixabay)

Are you curious what this method is? Let’s find out together.

For 3 days you must follow dietWhich does not involve the use of sugar. At first, We must tell you that you should drink plenty of water before and immediately after meals.

First day What you have to do Breakfast with a cup of oatstogether with dried fruit and with Cup of teaor coffee, without it use sugar.

How to rid ourselves of sugar in three days

how Snack you may Eat a cup of nuts. While at lunch You can choose Between grilled chicken or fish breaststogether or together With pumpkin seedsWith Carrot or even beetroot garnish.

to DinnerInstead, you can eat salmonaccompanied by of mushrooms and broccoli (or cauliflower).

The second dayInstead, for breakfast, you should eat Fruit oatmeal cupAnd the Like an apple or a pear. The Snack In the middle of the morning you can eat cup of walnutsLike the first day.

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about lunch Should eat grilled zucchiniseasoned Apple cider vinegar and thymewhile a DinnerInstead, you can eat Steamed vegetables with cod.

How to rid ourselves of sugar in three days
If you follow this diet, you will definitely feel better after just three days (Pixabay)

In the end, The third and final dayAnd the to eat breakfast you can eat A cup of oatmeal with nuts and fruits. as a snackAlternatively, you can choose cup of cashewsWhile at lunch you may Cooking chicken legs with herbsalong with a Grilled vegetables appetizer. In the end, at dinneryou can eat Vegetable soup.

what are you waiting for? Try this three-day diet and let us know what you think. Did you feel better after making this choice?

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