How to create a weekly diet plan to lose weight

To lose weight in a healthy and structured way, that is, avoid the classic Iveto Yo YoHere’s how to create a weekly diet plan to lose weight. Because even to follow a low-calorie diet, you need discipline and above all, regulation.

It is understood that the best diet for losing weight is always recommended and recommended by a nutritionist, in fact there are basic rules that are easy to follow with motivation and willpower.

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Here’s how to create a weekly diet plan to lose weight

The first golden rule of thumb for a weight loss diet is variety of foods. Hence, for example, it is wrong to eat breakfast with milk every day. In fact, it is important to vary it with other typical morning foods, such as yogurt. And maybe, once a week, enjoy a slice of cake for breakfast. Because to lose weight, from food, through dosing, it is also important to gain satisfaction.

However, on their weekly diet plan, it is important that they always be present on a daily basis fruit And vegetables. For adults, as recommended by the World Health Organization, the total daily intake should be 400 grams, spread over five portions.

Starting with a daily fruit and vegetable base, it will be easiest to define and complete a weekly diet plan. For example, always on a weekly basis, 1 part red meat, 2 parts white meat. As well as two servings of fish. Perhaps blue is preferred.

In addition to following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, moreover, in the weekly chart for a low-calorie diet, you should never lose legumes. Counter the intake of carbohydrates, by consuming noodles that should be limited and balanced as well as alternating with rice.

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Finally, always pay attention to which spices must be titrated as well as wholesome and real. And think about extra virgin olive oil.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, available for advice World Health Organization”)

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