How to check the age of eggs and how to use them in the kitchen according to their freshness

Today, more than ever, food safety can push us to check for ourselves whether the purchase really meets the expiration date. This is the case with eggs, which we can control at home with two little tricks. In addition, the degree of its freshness also indicates correct use. So here’s how to check the age of eggs and how to use them in the kitchen according to their freshness.

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Two methods of examining an egg

Two different systems can be used to determine whether an egg is actually fresh or stale. These allow us to understand how mature the egg will be, if it’s for a few days, if it’s one week, two weeks, three weeks or more.

With the first regimen, you can use the egg without breaking the shell. And the second by breaking it, in case we forget to implement the first in advance.

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Immersion test

The egg has a round shape but the upper part is shrinking. This is where a small air bubble forms, which increases over time. Based on this fact, let’s try to gently dip an egg into a saucepan full of water.

If the egg rises to the surface, it is more than 5 weeks old and can be safely disposed of.

If held straight from the bottom, tip up, this is a sign that it is no longer fresh, and it is recommended to consume it for making cookies, as it has a shelf life of about 3 weeks.

How to check the age of eggs and how to use them in the kitchen according to their freshness

If the egg is tilted down 45 degrees, this means that it is two weeks old and ready to eat. The egg white present at this time can be used to make cakes or meringues, as it hardens very easily.

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If he’s a little slanted, we’ll be around a week. It is safe to eat, but not suitable for boiling eggs.

If the position is completely horizontal on the bottom of the pot, this means that it is very fresh and can also be used for more delicate cooking, such as “boiled”.

Break the egg

If, by breaking the egg, we let it fall into the pan, we can check its quality according to its shape. If the yolk is well rounded, on top of the thicker egg white, then the egg is fresh. Instead of that The album Decreasing a little on the sides, it’s only been 2 weeks old. When the egg white is flat and elongated and the yolk is not consistent, it is like the one that floats in the water and is thrown away.

This simple system allows us to better date the freshness of eggs and eat more confidently.

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