How to book an appointment over the phone

The Revenue Collection Agency service has been active since December 29, 2022, allowing you to schedule an appointment at the counter by phone. This renewal is intended for people who are unable or have obvious difficulties booking through the web channel. Let’s see together how this new service works.

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With a press release dated December 29, 2022, issuedRevenue Agency – Collection for the new activation Phone service to make an appointment at the counterintended for those who do not have the opportunity to do so on the site.

Let’s see in detail how the service works.

Revenue Agency – Collection: How to book by phone


From December 29, 2022 this is possible Book an appointment at the Agenzia delle Entrate-Collection office call up communication center to figure 06 01 01. The novelty was introduced to help people who have more difficulties using the web channel.

The service allows you to choose it nearest doorIn addition to day and onprogram Among the available. By booking through the call center, you will receive the following from the telephone operator Indications:

  • number of tickets;
  • Reservation counter
  • Appointment date and time.

Submission by phone a E-mail addressMoreover, you will receive a file QR code Which will allow you to access the Agenzia delle Entrate-Collection office simply by using your own desk Health insurance card.

How does the online booking service work?

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Obviously the service is still active Book an appointment at the counter Through online channel.

by contacting the site fact, it is possible to book an appointment from a computer, smartphone or tablet. By clicking on the “Regional Office” you can specify:

  • the type of service you need;
  • the counter;
  • Schedule among those available.

Within the reserved area of ​​the revenue agency’s website, remember, is a service Appointment by video call It is called “Online Desk”, which allows you to receive assistance without having to physically go to the office.

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