How to avoid the error that may jeopardize the game

World elden ring It can be explored freely on the spot, and as you can easily imagine, it is full of pitfalls. One of these is probably the most dangerous of all for new players and should definitely be avoided.

Once you have completed the optional tutorial and are in the Tomb of the Tomb, you can freely decide how to begin exploring Interregnum, although it is best to start by speaking with mousey Then head towards the deserted church in the north, there are no pillars of any kind. In this regard, one of the places that might catch your interest is dangerously close to your entry point into the tomb: we refer to The ruins burned by the dragonThis is that little place Farther east than the first grave place, located in the middle of the swampy area. On the one hand, it is an excellent point to visit because there is one stone sword key Inside the main tower, so you can get a “ticket” from the start to visit a dungeon (even the one right before the elevator to Sepulcris which you had to ignore if you didn’t choose Stone Key as your initial memory).

The problem is in the basement, where in the center of the place of interest there is a stone staircase that leads to a huge room crammed with rats and immediately afterwards a chest. Do not make the mistake of opening this chest, because it is a very dangerous trap that can spoil your game. Opening the metal case actually activates that fog Teleports the player to a remote area of ​​Interregnum. This underground place is inhabited by very dangerous enemies and there is no way out of it but to escape on foot and reach the exit, but it is almost impossible to entrust to those who have not developed the character and are still wearing the initial equipment. Also know about it Not even mentioning grace can succeed And using this object only returns Lightless to the same place in an infinite loop. If you find yourself in this situation and do not have a file Save backupthe only alternatives you have are to start from scratch or roll up your sleeves and find the way out of the cave, which is also a resourceful place to upgrade weapons.

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