How to access geo-blocked content by Bergamo

The problem of geo-blocking is very annoying and limits the global circulation of content. So here’s how to watch content blocked by Italy, and bypass the ban with a VPN

Many people from Bergamo will certainly encounter difficulties in Access to foreign broadcasting services. One of the most common error codes says “The content is not available in your country”. The question may depend on several factors, but you will almost certainly face a situation of limitation by Geographical blocking.

Geoblocking is a practice developed by a large number of online service providers for Restrict access to its services on a national or continental basis. The mechanism of operation is very simple: Our IPwhich we get whenever we connect to the Internet via a data network, Wi-Fi or LAN, Includes an approximate geographic location. With this data, access to a particular service can be prevented.

So the question to ask is: Why do companies prefer to limit the range of their users? The reasons are more diverse and it all depends on the desired service. One of the most common reasons, especially when it comes to entertainment services (music, movies, TV series, and games) is because Distribution rights. These are actually negotiated locally: it happens that a big name like Netflix can host some movies in their catalog in the US, but not in Italy and Europe, because the rights are held by another platform.

Other times, then, Access to a particular service is blocked for convenience reasons. Although the facts show that globalization tends to standardize markets, there are still significant differences between countries. Without geo-blocking, it can paradoxically subscribe to a service in a country where the monthly fee is less expensive, causing a huge loss for businesses.

The last point that should not be overlooked is the point Censorship. This is a practice that, fortunately, is not practiced in Europe, but is very active in other countries of the world. In some countries such as China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and North Korea, geo-blocking is used to prevent citizens from consulting foreign websiteswhich are considered dangerous to the security of the state.

This small list shows us how widely geo-blocking is used in many sectors of digital life. Let’s see though What are the relevant regulations and how to treat the problem using a VPN.

European legislation on geographical blocking

there European legislation On the use of content is very strict and prohibits the application of discrimination against citizens of the European Union. This means, therefore, that the same service that is available in Italy must necessarily be available throughout the European Union. At best, what managers can do is Provide personalized content based on the original IP addressbut they can never prevent the enjoyment of the service.

Let’s take an example: if you subscribe to Netflix in Italy, this will be valid across the European Union. After four consecutive months of residence abroad, the platform reserves the right to swap the catalog with the catalog for the country in which you are already residing.

However, all those who live in Bergamo or northern Lombardy can lodge an objection. And what about Switzerland? It is a nation a few kilometers from Bergamo, and that is not all Not a member of the European Union, but also outside the European Economic Area (European Economic Area). This can be a big problem for anyone who often travels to Switzerland for work, whether they are expats or cross-border travelers. However, the problem will reappear every time you decide to do so Travel outside the European Union for a variety of reasons. So here’s how to tackle the problem.

Using a VPN: Why It’s Convenient

a VPN The problem can be solved quickly and economically. VPN takes care of Hide the real IP address, allowing the user to choose one coming from another country. It will be sufficient, at the time of connection, to remove all cookies and any previously saved cache. You will then have to choose the server you prefer.

This little trick It will allow Bergamo and Italy to access foreign content covered by geo-blocking or vice versa. When you travel to Switzerland, the UK, the US or anywhere else, you will be able to use the same services as in Italy. Using a VPN is very convenient for that All data exchanged with servers is also encrypted: This feature provides incredible security when browsing online. Simply get a subscription (usually very cheap) and connect to your favorite platforms.

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