How the Internet has become an essential component of our lives

The advent of the new millennium, which is also marked by an event that is nothing but happiness (the fall of twin towers) that changed our way of life forever, and brought about great changes in the lives of individuals. And one element, more than the others, led to a turning point in the life of every citizen of the world: Internet.

Already existed in the last decade of the old millennium, The Great Telematics Network It experienced a huge boost during the first decade of the 2000s, becoming an increasingly constant presence in the lives of people from every corner of the planet. Today, having entered the third decade of the new millennium, living without the large telematic network is now impossible.

70% of the world is online

Thanks to the web it is possible to do anything: to achieve some worksheet To other aspects of entertainment, such as watching online multimedia content or searching for some escape moments https://it.simpleescorts.com/as well as the possibility to chat with friends and relatives near or far, and why not, broadens one’s acquaintances thanks to one’s passion.

The data attests to how this phenomenon occurred Widely. Just think about the fact that there are more than 5 billion people who have access to the internet out of the world’s population that is just a little bit bigger 7000000indicating that approximately 70% of the population of our planet has access to the large telematic network.

So, the world revolves around it Internetfor the possibility of calling at any time of the day, which has become indispensable, for several decades now, to carry out his own business professional duties: With the exception of some traditional manual jobs, such as those in the construction sector, in most industrial sectors it is impossible to have high levels of production without the Internet.

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Needless to deny, however, like Web Role It’s also about the funniest part of our day. Thanks to that we can spend a few moments in the name of Carefree and relaxeven if, over time, some of the means used for this purpose prove the existence of real drivers of business improvement for companies or individuals.

The different development of the Internet in the world

We’re talking, no matter how obvious, about social networkwhose significance literally exploded in the 1920s, that of ‘digital boom’. There are a number, in this respect, that are indicative of how the phenomenon of “social networking” has spread around the world, and despite some bleak predictions a few years ago, it is always very attractive: well 4.2 billion people You have a social profile.

In other words, more than one in two citizens owns a Social Profile. The number of subscribers continues to rise, although the rate of growth, however obvious, may not be as fast-paced as it has been over the past few years. The Penetration degree The Internet, however obvious it may be, cannot be the same all over the world, thanks to the lack of infrastructure in some geographies.

In the’Central AfricaFor example, the rate is about 25%, which contrasts with 90% in Europe and the United States. Also, the various economic development of these regions, which dates back to the very distant ages of the emergence of the large network, has certainly affected the lack of web development in the poorer countries, which may be in dire need of the large telecommunications network improve their situation And to be able to break out of the poverty line that, unfortunately, affects a large number of people, often children.

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