How tax assessments work and how many years it can take for Inland Revenue to pay taxes

The Italian tax authorities, in ensuring that everyone pays taxes, have the power to conduct checks on taxpayers. Starting, in particular, with the tax returns that not only ordinary citizens but also commercial companies send annually.

Additionally, many of these Internal Revenue Service checks can lead to investigations. This also occurs when the Revenue Agency, through automatic tax checks, discovers anomalies and/or inconsistencies. For example, between the declared income and the spending and saving capacity of the taxpayer also through the use of a credit card. Or simply by disclosing the inventory in the checking account.

So let’s see what to do when the tax assessment arrives. And also how many years the tax authorities can take in order to get taxpayers to pay taxes. Ultimately, also through tax bills and with the forced refund of taxes.

How tax assessments work and how many years it can take for Inland Revenue to pay taxes

In detail, in the case of tax assessment, the taxpayer has two possible methods. Pay the amounts required by the tax authority after the assessment. Or forward data, information and documents that you are not aware of to the Revenue Agency. Which proves that the tax claim is illegal. Or it may only be partial.

Otherwise, there is a risk of litigation with tax commissions over how tax assessments work. And all this without compromising the fact that tax authorities can go back 5 years to force citizens to pay their taxes. Past up to 7 years when unpaid taxes are attributable to a return that was never filed. Hence it was completely deleted.

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What types of returns do tax authorities perform checks and inspections on taxpayers?

For those who are wondering what kinds of declarations tax authorities make for checks and assessments, the answer is really quite simple. The revenue agency checks everything. Of these deductions, deductions, and tax returns, 730 for the individual income model. And pass corporate tax returns, as noted above, including, among other things, VAT returns and all payments with F24s. This is also in order to counteract the phenomenon of undue compensation for tax credits.

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