How Rock, Pio and Amedeo Return to Place Directed by Gennaro Nunziante

They’re back on a movie set Pius and Amedeo, the two police comedians known for their show “Emigratis”. Two Apulian comedians, born Pio Dantini and Amedeo Greco, are grappling with the new film directed by Gennaro Nunziante, tentatively titled “How can a rockIt is a Fremantle production and Vision Distribution in collaboration with Sky. The film is being shot between the cities of Rome and Naples, as well as in various locations in Puglia and Veneto.

Written by director Gennaro Nunziante himself with comedians Apulian Pio and Amedeo, titled “How can a rock” sees Pio in the role of “Pio”, a man who after inheriting the management of several businesses from his father can afford to live without too many problems and is a candidate for president Municipality, and Amedeo as “Amedeo”, an ex-convict hired as a personal chauffeur by the village’s parish priest. One day, Amedeo and Pio meet, and discover that they have a lot in common. With Amedeo’s help, Pio will be able to come to terms with himself, rediscover not only his emotions but also the truth about his family.

This isn’t the first time that Pio and Amedeo have been directed by Gennaro Nunziante on a film set. The comedy duo had previously worked with Nunziante on the film Hello beautiful It will be released in cinemas on New Year’s Eve 2022. In this film, also distributed by Vision Distribution, Pio and Amedeo play two friends who one day decide to take different paths, one to live far from Milan and the other to stay in the city, only to find themselves after several years on a mission Joint: saving their country from a brain drain. Lorena Cacciatore, Rosa Delita Rossi, Niccio Catanese and Giorgio Colangeli also star in the film. before Hello beautifulAnd Pio and Amedeo on the big screen in the movie friends like us Year 2014 directed by Enrico Lando.

The film’s production has made it clear that How Can Rock It is a “work-in-progress” title, meaning it could change from here to the moment it hits theaters. While waiting to find out if the film’s “working title” will be confirmed or changed, Vision Distribution has shared the first official image from the movie’s set, which can be seen below.

Pio and Amedeo are back on TV with Emigratis – confrontation

Sunday 4 June 2023, Pio and Amedeo return to Italia 1’s prime time with “Emigratis – La resa dei conti”. As in previous editions of the programme, the comic Apulian duo will find themselves engaging people from the worlds of entertainment, sports and music in entertaining adventures. The stops in the center of the four rings will be Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Las Vegas (Nevada, United States), Brazil (a country in South America), London (capital of England and the United Kingdom), and Miami (southeast). Florida), Los Angeles (California), and Paris (capital of France)

Among the heroes who will appear during the episodes of this edition: Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini, the show girl, model and actress Elisabetta Canales, singer and songwriter Mahmoud, Italian football player Gigio Donnarumma, football coach Antonio Conte, actress. American Katherine Kelly Lang (best known for her role as Brooke Logan in the soap Beautifulbroadcast on Canale 5), Brazilian football player Neymar, businessman Dave Grotmann, journalist and TV presenter Paola Catapano, chef Salt Bay, musician and record producer Martin Garrix, Italian rapper Sfera Ebasta, former Brazilian football player Ronaldinho, racing driver Felipe Massa, Italian boxer Daniele Scardina, Italian singer-songwriter Fausto Liali, businessman and influencer Gianluca Facci, entrepreneur Elisabetta Franchi, Italian soccer player Marco Verratti and boxer Mike Tyson.

For the audience of Italia 1 and for those who will follow the program broadcast on Mediaset Infinity, “Emigratis – La resa dei conti” is intended not only to be a show of laughter, but also a container for moments of reflection on important issues through a wry look from Pius and Amedeo. In particular, the main theme will be environmental sustainability.

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