How powerful is Steam Deck? YouTuber tests with a computer with similar specifications

after, after Turn the GameCube into a modern gaming PCIn this article, content creator ETA Prime tried to discover the true power of Steam Deck by assembling a gaming PC with similar specifications to test its performance.

In his latest in-depth study dedicated to Valve’s handheld console, the popular YouTuber kicked off his own take on the rollback and performance of the most disparate tech devices from Steam Deck Specifications To assemble a computer powered by an AMD APU with Zen 2 processor and RDNA 2 graphics.

With proper RAM optimization and overclocking interventions to balance your PC’s specs with those of Steam Deck and its hardware-driven hardware. APU a 4 core e 8 threadTherefore, ETA Prime has conducted tests with titles such as Skyrim, Fortnite, GTA 5, DOOM Eternal, Genshin Impact and Cyberpunk 2077.

The results of his tests are really encouraging: thanks to the endless configuration options accessible in the PC environment, the YouTuber demonstrated the capabilities of the latest AMD solutions with integrated graphics in Ryzen CPU. The content creator thus demonstrated how “similar” PC games to Steam Deck are fully capable of hitting 30 frames per second in video games played in 720p resolution. Frame rate referenced by Valve as Steam Deck Home BaseHowever, it can be easily overcome by selectively reducing the fee parameters to achieve Frame rate 60fps and above.

The only doubts expressed by the creator relate to the Steam Deck TDP and, more precisely, the parameter that Valve indicated in its 15 watts From the power required to power the console: According to a YouTuber, the Deck’s APU will operate at the frequencies indicated in the specs seldom, both in terms of power expenditure and thus heat emitted. However, tests on Steam Deck’s “dual” PC do not take into account the performance boost that Valve’s portable console ensures when using the well. 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM.

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For more information abouthardware and on Careers From Valve’s new hybrid platform, we invite you to read our system Special on Steam Deck Between Doubt and Certainty.

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