How much will you pay in June 2023?

For all those with a variable rate mortgage, there is no good news: June will be marked by a new hike in rates which will in turn see the periodic rents paid by families grow. Let’s see the details of the story together in the next article.


The past year was especially devastating for those who decided on it invest in home. The economic crisis has dealt a severe blow to families who have accepted Mortgage loans, with premiums proving unsustainable for many. How much will mortgages increase in June 2023?

Mortgages: New increase for June 2023


L’High inflation In Italy and Europe, this has had a direct impact on mortgage payments, further exacerbating the situation for those who are already paying for their homes. the consumer goods prices And services rose significantly, which also led to a rise in monthly payments for mortgage loans. The increase in variable rate mortgages is expected to be 50-60%.

Mortgages: Excess Example

We see An example of a 2023 mortgage increase. For a fixed rate mortgage of €200,000 for a period of 25 years (average rate greater than 5%), the monthly installment will be close 1,218 euro. Variable rate mortgages are doing even less, seeing up to 65% increase.

Mortgages: How much will they increase in 2023?

Appreciation is that I am European Central Bank reference interest rates They will increase again, and will reach 4%, while it was previously fixed at zero. So far, increases have been fixed at 3.75%, but an increase nonetheless is expected and desirable.

Interest rates: How do you defend yourself?


to anyone who has it Variable mortgage, now it is too late to be able to try to fix the situation: in fact, it is no longer possible to obtain a mortgage at favorable rates as before. At present, it is not appropriate to take out a fixed rate mortgage.

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