How much money can be put on paper, few know

Postepay is one of the most widely used financial instruments in Italy. Let’s see how much money can be loaded on the prepaid card

It is a simple tool to use that in some cases it also comes with an Iban code that allows for salary crediting.


growth for Postpaid It is completely tangible. The ability to get one prepaid To use them in different types of operations is very tempting. However, at the same time, the more subscriptions these tools have, the more nutritious they are Questions and doubts about its correct use.

The dilemma that has always been in the minds of users is that of the amount that an individual can allocate for himself Subsequent payment. Let’s go and reveal the related “puzzles” Deposit and withdrawal limits.

Postepay: Here is the amount you can put on the card

Therefore, when you decide to take one, it is advisable to properly inform yourself, to avoid problems in the future. With .’s yellow card Italian Post It is also possible to perform operations as well Via ATMs.

These are from their newest generation iban code they allow Receive bank transfers and automatic credit to a wage. A tool that also allows you to It has various advantages such as possible additional services or discounts on services used.

Returning to the question of boundaries, they are not too strict. regarding 1 pack Based on 3000 EUR. Of course this is possible if you go to Post offices. in tobacco Used in filling operations, the maximum deposit corresponds to 997 euros (999 euros with two euro commissions).

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Regarding annual deposits, the amount should never exceed 50 thousand euros. aspect of the individual. So the letter is the same even if you have more than one letterhead. Where to bypass, easy to be precise controls ofrevenue agencyHe is known for being very sensitive to these kind of dynamics.

So, there are some simple tricks to keep in mind in order to take advantage of the outstanding features The advantages it offers Postpaid. Having one can always be a relief, as long as you use it wisely.

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