How much is the lira worth with Giuseppe Verdi? “to take your breath”

Since the first issues of coins and banknotes, the states have developed unique aesthetic descriptions of various “cults”: the tradition associated with banknotes, for example, “stopped” in relation to our country, looking at paper money.euro It does not have any face shape, as they are all pretty much the same for each user country. Different words for coins that differ instead from state to state. The Italian lira has also become an iconic symbol of its famous “face”, such as the face of Giuseppe Verdi chosen from two distinct versions of the “Mille Lire”. How much is it worth?

How much is the lira worth with Giuseppe Verdi? “to take your breath”

The face of the historical Emilian composer who marked the musical and political landscape of our country in such an important historical context as the Risorgimento, was chosen for the thousand lira banknotes issued in two copies. The first, printed from 1962 to 1969, and the second from 1969 to 1981. Both are very interesting specimens from the point of view of collectors.

The first series is the “least common”: it is recognizable by the white background, and the aesthetic structure has a simpler form. The most interesting are the banknotes that have a sequence between A42 and L43 and are incredibly rare: their value ranges from 20 to 350 euros. The first series in all cases presents a series divided into two parts, at the top of the sample.

The alternatives, which can be recognized by the first letter of the series that is always X or Z, are more interesting, on average they have a valuation of 30 to 350 euros, and the Z08, Z09, Z10, X14 are particularly desirable to earn between 450 and 750 Euro, if the terms Fior de Stampa.

Green Thousand Lire is less rare but very interesting second typeDeveloped on watermarked paper Beige color. It usually goes for 15-20 euros, but if we find an alternative recognizable by X at the beginning of the series, we’re in luck: if the series ends with M, the value fluctuates between 50 and 150 euros, H or G make it worth a sample of up to 200 euros, if the letter C, E and F the value reaches 500-600 euros.

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