How much fats should you eat daily for a healthy, balanced diet

For a correct daily diet, how many fats should I consume daily for a healthy, balanced diet? In this regard, it must be said, first of all, that the daily caloric intake is represented by a personal mixture, and therefore specially designed not only from fats, but also from carbohydrates and proteins.

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Here is the amount of fat to eat every day for a healthy, balanced diet

In detail, if the correct daily percentage of fat under normal conditions is around 30%, then it is already possible to proceed with the individual’s diet. But at the same time it is also much lower based on a person’s weight and physical condition. Plus age is a factor that nutritionists always evaluate. This is in order to prescribe a diet with the correct daily intake of fats.

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To give an idea, those who engage in physical activity on a competitive level can fix their daily caloric intake by including up to 40% of fat. Whereas, those who follow a sedentary lifestyle, intentionally or forcibly, should stay at 25% at most and not more.

Moreover, in the context of a varied diet, the intake of fats can be of animal or even vegetable type. From oils to butter, to meat, eggs and fish. And all this without compromising the fact that in order to eat fats every day you should not only pay attention to the amount. But also, above all, quality. This is because, as stated in This articleCompared to the bad ones, there are good fats that shouldn’t be lost on the table.

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With the previously described diet nutrition specialistAnd it’s always the best option, especially when you have to lose weight, so your doctor will do nothing but do, between fats, proteins and carbohydrates, specifically break down the macronutrients. It should always be fixed based on the patient’s food needs.

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