How much does Khaby Lame earn on TikTok

Tiktoker Chivasu Khaby Lame It became in a few weeks One of the most followed characters on TikTok And more than half a billion users. The protagonist of practically vertical height, today the boy is competing in the rating of the most popular creators With real world celebrities The likes of Charlie Damilio, Addison Ray and Will Smith, It hosts football players And the VIP in his videos and is working on a career that goes beyond the video sharing platform. So far, TikTok is his main medium of communication, the 21-year-old is of Senegalese descent However, he can actually earn a lot Of the content you post.

TikTok Creator Box

In fact, TikTok has a A fund dedicated to creatives It is through it that the most influential artists are able to support themselves with their activities on the platform. The app managers haven’t exactly revealed how compatible they are with the individual creators of their in-app work, but the fees are all Looking at the number of views That the videos attract.

Reparations in Italy

According to other Italian creators, it is also in Italy About 1 euro per 100,000 views It was recorded for the original contents, while for the derivative contents such as bifolds or stitches, the shape decreases – but only slightly. The sutures are The content that made Khaby popular Around the World: These are dual videos where traders can count on a An introduction consisting of another tiktok Online already on the platform. However, given that each video averaged over 60 million views – the peaks surpassed 200 million – one can imagine the boy turning his pocket around. About 300-500 euros On average per video.

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Numbers are on the rise

However, any conceivable number is set to grow for at least three reasons: The first is that Khappi’s success has not yet reached its peak, and it is reasonable to believe that the number of views per new video clip. It must increase With the number of new followers he is gaining day in and day out. The second is that Khabi is just getting started Edit his videos by himself, Without the stitch function within the app thus earning a number closer to the entire euro.

However, the main reason is another: Khabie has already become a true influencer, and as such he will stress Agreements with companies Willing to stand in line to have a testimony. This kind of contract is not locked inside the app and is private in nature, but it will help change the fate of the boy who was fired even a few months ago due to Covid from his work in the workshop.

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