How much does a charger that is always plugged into the socket consume? Numbers

We often leave the mobile phone charger plugged in without thinking about whether we are consuming electricity or not

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in Historic moment Such a keyword is saving. the energy bills They take up a huge part of us salaryTherefore, all we can do for him Avoids Important amounts to pay, it’s a good idea to do so. For example , turn off all devices before going to Sleeps It’s a great start.

All the red lights Which, in general, we leave without thinking about and for comfort, it would be better to turn it off. Definitely one of cables which we often forget attached In the power plug is ours phone. It is definitely more comfortable Always leave it readyUsesBut have we ever wondered how much? Consume?

For some estimates a computer, for example, while using it, Consume approx. 65 watts. If we leave it inside comment You will use approx 12 watts of energy, but also when you are worn out You will continue to consume 0.8 watts. Back to ours battery chargerGenerally We’re leaving The phone is charging all the time a night.

How much does the charger cost?

moment it smart phones Results with charge al 100%, The cable still consumes electricity. the consumption Almost imperceptible, that’s what they call it maintenance fee, but it may destroy the battery in the long run. And here is the moment We’ll disconnect The phone leaves attached The cable to the plug, that’s it I will continue to consume approx 0.20 watts.

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L’power Produced by cable yes You will lose in the environment in the form of heat or kinetic energy. that it consumption It’s almost ridiculous, anyway, at the end of the year, this one Consume They found themselves on the bill. We are talking of course about minimum numbers that are hovering around 60 cents every year and if we keep it connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But we can He watches Also from another point of view. If we think about The number of people who leave or forget cable Entered, in the world, then pounds numbers become important. the lose It is not only economic, but also energy. All is well household appliance which we have in it houseWhen not in use it stands anyway Consume.

It’s kind of Energy vampire who continues to feed him. And from to rememberin fact, that the internal components, incl small capacitors which is very delicate, keep it tight 24 hours in 24 It can wear out in a short time. to treatment to the thing in a simple way and practicaljust buy one Slippers With on and off switch.

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