How much do you earn with OnlyFans? Banner reveals numbers updated to April 2022 –

Amouranth, the stage name of Kaitlyn Siragosa, is a famous model, musician, and entrepreneur. The woman is also known for running the lucrative OnlyFans account and has now been revealed via Twitter How much can he earn in a month. Updated data up to April 2022 talking about 1.4 / 1.5 million dollars.

Information was exchanged through Twitter by Amouranth herself. This number is an update from the figure shared in August 2021 ($1 million). It should also be noted that the indicated number refers only to the main OnlyFans account. Revenue from Fansly, the free version of OnlyFans (which we assume also includes PPV content) and Patreon are not included. Moreover, Amouranth says that he can “easily” reach this number, meaning that he sometimes reaches even higher values.

This data is especially important as Amoranth recently announced that it will be closing its OnlyFans profile, to pursue a different business opportunity. It is clear that if a woman is ready to part with 1.5 million dollars a month, her plans for the future are more than ambitious.

Amouranth’s upcoming activities also include Streamer Royale, of which he will be the main product.

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