How many criticisms have been leveled against Ibra in San Remo, the Web rejects it

There is no point in denying this, as it was among the most awaited festivals. There was so much talk about Ibrahimovi that I was curious to see him in action with Amadeus A. Sanremo He had grown up every hour but the detonator’s show disappointed most of the listeners. His extremely daring joke and manner of speaking “Adriano Celentano” were rejected by the home crowd. As long as he scores and becomes the captain on the field that’s one thing, but off the field, replaying the somewhat bullying person and the cool personality, even if he’s angry, leaves something to be desired.

Unmasked masks for Ibra

“Here I feel small, but I’m definitely older than you” was Ibra’s first joke, and in the first clip it was immediately apparent that Ibra wasn’t really comfortable. Then the other lines (“I brought my own rules, the singers must be 22 years old and the stage must be 105 meters long and 68 meters wide like San SiroOtherwise, the festival will be canceled. Where are other singers placed? I put them in my lawn for work ”) hitting the player’s performance.

On social media, the refusal is an excuse

Reactions on social media “The problem is not that Ibrahimovic’s muzzle does not make people laugh, the problem now is telling him” or even: “But what exactly does Ibrahimovic do at Sanremo? clown? Or: Ibrahimovi in ​​Sanremo. Embarrassing and embarrassing, it’s not a place for him. “

There are those who notice: “Would you attack LeBron James who did more politically and happily more than the other three Presidents of the United States and then show up to play the clown role in Sanremo literally?” Others laughed: Ibrahimovi stumbles on the stairs of Ariston … penalty Milan. “

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Finally the rejection: “I would have understood the fleeting presence, he makes the muzzle play on his usual trick arrogance And amen. Every evening like this, so as not. “

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