How long does it take to beat inflation?

Although we are still talking about the outcome of the September 25 elections, it is already time to assess what the next budget law should look like. Time is running out and the new government will have to be formed in time to better deal with all emergencies. Here’s how many billions it takes to beat inflation.

even if new government It will be in sharply different colors from the previous one, the assessments that will be placed on the economic policy front are similar. The monster must be defeated inflation, which has been tormenting Italy and Europe for nearly a year now. The test of responsibility for the new government begins immediately, which will immediately have to implement the most difficult challenge: agree to Budget Law.

Inflation: What to do in the budget law?


What moves to take Curb Inflation Next year? According to expert estimates, inflation will continue to move at significant, albeit slightly contained, values ​​​​compared to today, namely, 4.5%. To do this, however, it will be necessary to implement case bearings, such as assistance in the purchase of power by large companies.

the only ones The value of tax exemptions in this sense is approximately 14 billion euros. 3 more derived from the VAT deduction on gas purchases: this will be set at 5%. Another three billion or so would be needed to maintain it Flat Fuel Discount at 30.5 cents.

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Fighting inflation: 40 billion euros needed


So there are many Anti-inflation measures It should be put in place to help the Italians in 2023. The list has reached its quota up to this point 35 billion euros, but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, billions more are expected to be spent on implementing more ambitious measures. One such hypothesis could be a flat tax of 15% for those with increased revenue.

With Europe all eyes on it and the new government excited, Giorgia Meloni will have to prepare all the cards on the table in the best possible way to do so. Approval of the budget law as soon as possible.

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