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Boban Simic He is a 40-year-old ranger who became famous initially in Chicago and then all over the world for his unusual eating habits. The guy actually succeeded with his videos Eat raw meat She drinks mother’s milk and the secretions of ex-girlfriends, in addition to milk.

Four years ago, Simic started this”diet‘Frightening with a view to becoming’More alpha and aggressive: He claims he has never felt better in his life… One of the most disturbing shots shows him chewing a raw lamb’s head and taking out his eyeball and eating that too. He said: “Everything I eat is raw – he said – my favorite meal is raw lamb because it has a strong flavor And fat free. Raw pork is a little light, so I eat it occasionally. The best meal I’ve had was a raw goat because it’s so tender.”

“I was really nervous the first time I ate raw meat – he added – but I knew it couldn’t hurt me. I wanted to be healthier and stronger, and I intend to live forever. You are told to eat cooked your whole life, but it’s brainwashing” . Later Simek also discovered the “benefits” of breast milk and vaginal secretions …

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