How is Charlene? The official press release from Palazzo Grimaldi about the health of the princess

Charlene Monaco

After returning to Munich, Princess Charlene was hospitalized in a clinicWhich nothing was known about at first, while it was known a few days ago Become a “Knusnacht Practice” in Zurich, specialized in addiction cure.

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Charlene’s health has always been a question mark The past few months, when he was in South Africa Undergo a full range of operations and treatments About a problem related to the maxillary sinuses.

Since her return to Monaco on the occasion of the National Day, It looks like something has calmed down if it isn’t resolved Instead, a few days before today, Charlene He left Munich again due to his health conditions, physical and psychological.

From Palazzo Grimaldi has been kept in the utmost secrecy and absolute silence In this regard. Only now, however, has the royal palace decided to reveal a file Official announcement of the health of the princess.

Palazzo’s press release read: “Palazzo would like to participate Some health information From Her Highness Princess Charlene: He is recovering satisfactorily and reassuringly“.

These are the first words in the actual press release, even if it will be determined later.”Still need a few months before he reaches his health full recovery“.

Alcoholism or eating disorder? hospitalization hypotheses

So what appears is the truth of it Charlene won’t be back at Palazzo Grimaldi anytime soon, but it would take another months to stay in the clinic.

Dagosbya Regarding the fact that it is an addiction clinic, he hypothesizes that it could be Alcoholism or eating disorder.

Regarding bulimia, the hypothesis is not far, in fact it is known that in the months of stay in the South African clinic Charlene was having trouble eating And he was fed only on liquids.

While regarding Possible alcoholism, there is no definite news about it. However, he does not rule out the possibility of its treatment as well From the train caused by morphine, which may have been given to her in the clinic for every fight pain.

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