How does the new advertising model work?

The new form of the IMU declaration submitted by decree of July 29th is officially ready. The Ministry of Economy announced the instructions for transferring the form to the Revenue Agency. Let’s see together.

Submit the decree issued on July 29, 2022 A new form of the ITU Declaration which replaces the old form of 2012. The Ministry of Economy recently issued instructions to transfer the form toRevenue Agency.

The new form includes the changes you made Budget Law 2022 All’Imu and those provided by Del 124/2019 To Impi, real estate tax on offshore platforms.

Moreover, the simplification decree Postpone the deadline for sending an IMU declaration to the Revenue Agency to December 31.

IMU 2022 Announcement: The New Model Is Ready

IMU 2022: How does the new advertising paradigm work?

You can send the new form to Statement of the International Meteorological Union To the Revenue Agency in paper and electronic form.

Who chooses to send paper model It must be sent by registered letter without a return receipt, in a sealed envelope bearing the words “IMU / IMPi 20_ _” declaration and must be addressed to the tax office of the appropriate municipality. The form can also be sent via the approved e-mail and also from abroad.

send from afarOn the other hand, it can be carried out through the telematics services of Agenzia delle Entrate Fiscoline and Entratel by the taxpayer himself and by the responsible person.

Announcements related to 2021 that were already made with the old model are still valid.

Deadline and instructions

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Normally an Imu/Impi declaration, in paper or electronic form, must be submitted by the deadline of June 30th of the year following the date on which property ownership commenced or significant changes occurred for tax purposes and not so. It is renewed in subsequent years.

However, the simplification decree ordered to postpone the deadline for 2021: the new deadline is December 31, 2022.

In the updated instructions it is mentioned that the remote service returns immediately after transmission, the definition of “remote protocol” “only confirms receipt of the file. After that, the system provides the user with another connection that certifies the result of the processing performed on the received data, which, in the absence of errors, Confirm submission of acknowledgment.

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