How does it work and how is it obtained?

As we enter more and more into the heart of summer, we realize that temperatures are reaching increasingly high seasonal rates. In this scenario, the bonus of air conditioners can help, which is useful for getting a cooler. Let’s see how it works and how you can get the bonus.

The Rewards conditionerThis is it 50% off% When buying a product air cooling, this would be possible even if these were not of the optimum power classes and even if they were only equipped with heat pumps. This possibility is introduced by the so-called house bonus: The maximum allowable spending is 96 thousand euros, and it does not require the replacement of the old winter system.

Let’s look at it together.

Air conditioner bonus: now it’s even easier!

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Using air conditioner bonuses is made easier thanks to its combination with the home bonus. Thanks to this circumstance, it is possible to install an air conditioner, even if it is not of an energy class aimed at saving or replacing only a heat pump, it will be possible Take advantage of the 50% discount without necessarily having to carry out construction work.

This prediction is theoretically expected for i Modern air conditioners While for a home bonus, this doesn’t necessarily have to happen. The only thing that needs to be done is to establish the fact that the intervention carried out is one that can be facilitated, although it does not require any permission from the municipality.

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How do you get bonus conditioner?

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Let’s see now What procedures must the taxpayer take to get a 50% discount on the purchase of new air conditioners. To authenticate the purchase, it is necessary to send the so-called Enea Talking about bank transferto be dispatched within 90 days of the end of business.

Regarding the 65% discount, it is enough to send “Description of the intervention» It is placed by a qualified technician, i.e. an engineer, architect, surveyor or expert registered in his professional record. The originals of the Intervention Description Sheet, technical papers of the installed heat pumps and the certificate prepared by a qualified technician must also be kept.

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