How does Column Bonus 2023 work?

For those who have already purchased an electric vehicle or intend to do so, an important aid is on the way: it is the bonus columns that allow you to save up to 80% on the costs of installing the system to recharge zero-emission cars .

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Electric cars are on the rise. In fact, this type of vehicle is winning more and more motorists who, however, have to deal with the lack of appropriate infrastructure: too often, in fact, there is a lack of charging stations that would allow electric vehicles to be topped up, which is why That the energy transition in Italy is still behind compared to other countries in the old continent.

However, a solution could be on the way since The government has established a so-called pillar bonus, extending it until 2024 With the aim of facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility. The stimulus was introduced in 2022H Covers up to 80% of the cost of installing electricity polesup to a maximum of 1,500 euros for natural persons and 8,000 euros for shared premises.

How does column bonus work?

The new one intended for owners of electric vehicles – or for those who intend to become one but have been hampered by the lack of charging stations in the area – would allow, at least in the government’s intentions, the development of this type of vehicle with the consequent reduction of air pollution and a decisive renewal of the fleet. Italian cars, one of the oldest car fleet in Europe. This incentive guarantees that 80% of the expenses incurred will be covered, with a The maximum amount is 1,500 euros for natural persons who install the pole, and 8,000 euros for residential buildingsFor installation in common areas.

The incentive is only valid for standard energy infrastructure, That is, those suitable for domestic use (less than 22 kW), while installations are excluded in favor of companies. This will then be disbursed in the form of a refund, which will be credited by bank transfer to the current account of the natural person or condominium structure that carried out the intervention, or, alternatively, by a discount on the invoice.

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If the goal to install a column In a condominium, where the spending limit is 8,000 euros, it is essential Follow a specific procedure to get permission.

First of all, it is necessary to obtain the green light from the condominium complex to proceed with the installation of columns in the common areas of the condominium. Even if the intervention is requested by a single person, who wants to carry out the installation in his own garage, it will still be necessary to contact the condominium administrator and inform him of the matter. In any case, it is very important to respect all the safety rules stipulated in current legislation. The intervention will be carried out by a specialized company that will carry out the installation and, at the end of this, will issue a certificate of conformity to the system and its normal functioning.

However, the column bonus is reserved only for natural persons and condominiums, excluding then Business. As for the latter, non-reimbursable contributions are expected, are reserved for companies that install electric charging stations in cities and on highways. facilitation ccovers up to 40% of the expenses incurred, It is aimed at companies or temporary trade associations (RTI) that can prove that they have operated an adequate number of transshipment infrastructures on EU territory.

The aim of the measure is to build at least 13,755 fast charging infrastructures for electric vehicles in urban centers and at least 7,500 fast charging infrastructures on highways.

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