How do you see it on TV, in live broadcasts, and in official formations?

Munich, Germany) It will not be easy for Bayern Munich to close its accounts against Salzburg in the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League. The Nagelsmann boys start 1-1 in the first leg in Austria, but away goals are no longer worth twice as much as in the past and Gisele’s squad has proven they can put the Bavarian side in trouble. Three weeks ago, Adamo’s goal frightened the German barge, and he was able to equalize only in the 90th minute thanks to Koeman. The two teams, who dominate their championships, had already faced each other in November 2020 in the Champions League with a double victory for Bayern (3-1 in Munich and 6-2 in Salzburg). Mathias Gisele, a young Red Bull coach, dreams of the project: He’s a German coach who could eliminate Bayern to find himself at just 33 years old in the European quarter-finals.

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Bayern-Salzburg, how to see it on TV and live

The eighth final between Bayern Munich and Salzburg will be broadcast from 9 pm on Sky Sport Football and Sky Sport 253; The challenge will also be visible in broadcasts on Now, through the Sky Go app and beyond Mediaset Infinity.

Salzburg is a step away from the company: 1-1 with Bayern Munich

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Salzburg is a step away from the company: 1-1 with Bayern Munich

Bayern-Salzburg line-ups

Bayern Munich (3-4-2-1): Noir. Pavard, Sol, L. Hernandez; Gnabri, Kimmish, Musyala, Koman; T. Müller, Sané; Lewandowski. Available: Ulrich, Richards, Upamecano, Chubu-Moting, Waner, Sabitzer, Sarr, Roca, Nyanzo, Vidovic, Tillman, Stanisic. Coach: Nagelsmann.

Salzburg (4-3-1-2): Cohn. Christensen, Solette; Whopper, Ulmer; Capaldo, M.; Camara, Sewald; Aronson. Adamu, Adeyemi. Available: Mantel, Wok, Ludwig, Bernedi, Kejergaard, Diambo, Junozovich, Susic, Pyatkowski, Cisco, Jindo. Coach: Geisel.

Rule: Turbine (France).
Font men: Danos and Gringore (France).
Fourth ruling: Bouquet (France).
mouse: Brisard (France).
Avar: Delagud (France).

Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen 1-1, Muller's great own goal

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Bayern Munich – Bayer Leverkusen 1-1, Muller’s great own goal

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