How did he get the money

Postepay phishing scams are popping up again. Let’s see what happened to an unfortunate policeman who lost a very large sum

Postpaid scam
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The phishing it’s a fraud technique fairly large and consists of transmission من E-mail with the Fake logo of a credit institution or an e-commerce company. Content invites an unsuspecting victim to click Link Then to enter their own personal information, For example Credit card number and data access for home banking.

In the event that you fall into the trap, the consequences can be really bitter, as happened to a user lychee county, which ended in The sim phone is practically locked. Once he went to the special operator center, he found out that everything was due to the work of unknown people Hacker.

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Postepay scam: what happened and how did the story end

But let’s start from the beginning. The concerned consumer has installed a file a program Besides the payment prepaid, and direct it to a savings book related with Sim from the mobile phone.

Went to the post office to check Balance Which card moves, encountered some strange withdrawals ever made and a web transfer Which did not rank for the total 5.851 EUR Overdraft. At that point request a refund to italian post, Which, however, did not accept his request.

The desperate man continued his fight before filing a complaint to Carbinery Then heading toAdiconsum from Lychee Seek advice on the issue. After a careful analysis of the case, it was possible to return to it phishing. Assembly immediately resumed tofinancial bank arbitrator, who initially refused the request and later accepted it.

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The repayment From the numbers stolen from the customer italian post, who resolved the situation within a month. A work that puts an end to a decidedly unfortunate story.

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