Housing expenses, you can ask for a refund but few know: how to do it

There is a way to recover already paid condominium expenses: all you have to do.

Buildings –

There are many families who are experiencing serious economic difficulties, especially after the increases in the last period. Disproportionate increase in electricity and gas bills It created huge problems for those families who were already struggling to make ends meet. Moreover, among the increases, those related to Food prices, Affected by rapid inflation really bring consumers to their knees. In addition to these large increases, Italian citizens must also provide a full series of payments that contribute to the family budget.

Apartment fees and how to get them back: all the steps

Let’s consider, for example, about Condominium fees, which is part of the taxes imposed by the tax authorities, which in some cases can reach very high numbers. This is an unavoidable expense, since it relates to maintaining, maintaining, and using the common parts of the building in which you live.

Elevator maintenance, for example, but also Stairs cleaningconcierge services and much more: to ensure that all this is in place, condominium expenses are mandatory.

Building expenses –

Is there a way not to pay condominium fees? Not really, even if there is a way for you to request a refund for condominium expenses that have already been paid.

An event unknown to the vast majority of people, but which represents a useful solution for saving on an expense that is far from trivial. Obviously it is necessary to get this refund meet certain requirements And follow some steps.

Homeowners can then refund request In the event of paying building expenses that are greater than the due. How can condominium expenses be deducted from taxes? clearly Incorporated into the 730 modelalthough it should be emphasized that not all of these expenses qualify for the deductible.

Business-related expenses are included in the possibility of taking advantage of the tax deduction on the common parts of the buildingeven if one of the government-promoted rewards is taken (a facades reward, for example, as well as Ecobonus and Superbonus).

With the Model 730, you can take advantage of the tax rebate

So all that needs to be done is to complete the 730 model to claim a tax deduction of the condominium expenses incurred. In this way, users can get a large amount that allows them to amortize expenses. However, some very specific requirements must be observed in order to access this important procedure.

Tax deduction for building expenses –

For example, it is necessary that payments by the condominium manager – a basic and basic number in order to be able to access the discounts – occurred during the fiscal year. What happens if the condominium does not have an administrator? In this case, you can take an alternate route that still allows you to claim the tax deduction.

The first thing to do is use a file quoting, or a payment method that provides a full chain of information used to prove business payment. In addition, you need to enter Tax code for the payer And submit everything Necessary documents Which bear witness to the interventions made on the common parts of the building.

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