Hot, UPS courier swaying and fainting at the door of the house: thermometer at 38 degrees

hot Records also in United State. The security camera installed at the entrance to the house captured an unusual scene: a UPS courier arrived in front of the door and collapsed to the floor. The reason is clear: the high temperature reached in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the thermometer reached a record 38 degrees.

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UPS delivery man reeling

In the video, we see the delivery boy swinging toward the yard, then collapsing and remaining on the ground for endless seconds. Fortunately, after a while he seems to regain his strength and gets up, then moves away into the vault on his legs. The homeowner, Brian Enriquez, was not home at the time of his illness, but as soon as he learned what had happened, he made sure to call the logistics company to make sure the employee was okay. They reported from UPS that the man had recovered and was being helped.

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