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Five hundred firefighters are being mobilized now In Avignon, southern FranceAfter a fire broke out due to sparks caused by a freight train passing south of the town. Firefighters say the fire has “continually resumed”, leading to the evacuation of two areas of the small town of Barpentin (Buchs-du-Rhone), at the mayor’s request. Five hundred firefighters and 140 vehicles are mobilized to confront the flames, aided by three helicopters and a Kinder plane: 1,500 hectares have already smoked.
Fires also continue in Gironde, on the Atlantic front, which is now subjected to what French experts have described as a “heat apocalypse” with record temperatures exceeding 42 degrees. In the Gironde, the famous Bordeaux region, whirlwinds are fueling the flames and firefighters fear the worst. At a press conference, the prefect of the region, Fabian Buccio, denounced the destruction of “90%” of the five evacuated camps in Pilate. “The next night will be very difficult,” Puccio said, noting that smoke had been emitted from 15,000 hectares in Gironde and more than 16,000 people had been evacuated. He stressed that “the fire does not do what it wants. We fight it and do not let it be extinguished.”

More than a thousand animals will be evacuated in the next few hours from the Bassin d’Arcachon zoo, in La Teste-de-Buch, in the Gironde province, In southwest France, an area particularly affected by the fires these hours. This was announced by the Association francaise des parcs zoologiques (AFdPZ). “In accordance with the recommendations of the authorities, we will do everything in our power to evacuate all animals from the Bassin d’Arcachon Zoo.
Cécile Erne, director of the French Association of Zoos, told AFP that transfers had begun. Due to the thick smoke cover from the fires, 8000 people have already been evacuated from the area. The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced on Twitter, the construction of a fire-resistant building five kilometers long and 40 meters wide to stop the fires in the territory of Landeras. This afternoon, Mètèo France placed 69 French divisions under warm orange watch, as well as Andorre, while 15 more on the Atlantic Front remained on high alert. The heat is stifling even in Paris.

The massive flames that destroyed the Gironde for seven days And they burned 14 thousand hectares of vegetation, until they reached the Atlantic coast, according to the latest report of the authorities, at dawn on Monday, in “one of the most difficult days” due to the expected record heat. “It was a difficult evening, but in general we stopped,” Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendos of the Gironde fire and rescue department told the press.
Smoke was emitted from about 4,200 hectares in La Teste-de Buch, near the Arcachon basin, over a circumference of 9 kilometers by 8 kilometers. In this area, the situation quickly worsened when fire broke out on County Route 218 along the coast on Sunday evening.
Internet users posted on social networks photos and videos taken from the sea of ​​this huge fire several tens of meters high, which devours the beaches of Laguna and Sally, a few kilometers south of Dune du Pilat. “Navigation is also prohibited in the western part of Lake Cassaux-Sanguent Lake,” the prefecture explained, as of Monday morning. The firefighters added that in the second fire in Landeras, 9,800 hectares, or an area of ​​14 by 9 km, was burned. There were no reports of injuries or damage to buildings. SDIS 33 said no new evacuations had taken place, which also had to manage “400 interventions in the circuit,” including “more than 20 vegetation fires.”

Forest fires are still raging In different regions of SpainMeanwhile, firefighters clashed on several fronts in parallel, Effie news agency reported. The regions most affected are Extremadura, Castile-Leon, Galicia and Catalonia. In recent days, more than 25 thousand hectares of land have been burned, while dozens of their homes have been evacuated due to the proximity of the flames to populated areas. In the past few hours, new evacuations have affected the localities of Pont de Vilomara (Barcelona, ​​Catalonia) and Lusacio (Zamora, Castile and Leon).
As a result of this latest fire, a 62-year-old firefighter died yesterday. “Today, with King Felipe VI in some of the hardest-hit regions, my condolences and sympathy to the family and colleagues,” he wrote on Twitter in a message of condolence to Sopagno Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who is expected today with King Felipe VI in some of the regions most affected. Flames in Extremadura.

It’s a hot record even in Belgium, where in Uccle the temperature reached 33.7 degrees: the mercury column has never touched this threshold in the municipality of the southern region of Brussels. According to forecasts, tomorrow’s temperatures may break other records in different regions of the country, reaching 40 degrees.
In Flanders, the alarm has already gone off for possible fires. Indeed, in the Flemish region, it is the orange symbol of all forests and natural areas: in the event of a fire, firefighters are asked to step up response efforts, mobilize more men and use more equipment.

Burns, from early afternoon, Wooded area at the foot of Monte Amiata, in Bian di Bugnano, Municipality of Seggiano (Gr). Since the first report, the county operations room, under favorable weather conditions for the spread of the fire, immediately activated teams of forest workers, firefighting volunteers and two helicopters. The flames, driven by moderate winds, spread along a hilltop and in an effort to quickly shut down the event, the Director of Operations called for third helicopter support around 4pm. The situation is getting better. And soon reclamation operations will begin, which will continue throughout the night. No rain is expected in the next few days, and the expected high temperatures, combined with a lower humidity value, will significantly increase the fire risk. Therefore, we recommend the greatest attention, even in carrying out agricultural operations, especially in hot times, and we remind you that burns are strictly prohibited during this period.

A fire broke out in the area Malagrotta in Rome, which was already damaged last June by a fire that destroyed part of the waste disposal plant. Today some fires are burning: the Ama plant in Castel Malnome and the Jet A1 storage area for jet fuel has caught fire. On site, in addition to firefighters, as well as gendarmes and civil protection.

From one in the evening, the fire returned to rock the area Bibione Beach. Indeed, the flames are advancing in the Pine Lighthouse Forest, after this morning the situation seemed to be under control. An area of ​​pine forest will burn in the same area where the fire broke out on Friday, destroying 10 hectares of pine forest. Firefighters in Portogruaro, Mestre and Latisana returned to the scene while two helicopters were operating from above. Only today has the restoration work begun on the sidewalk. Mayor Flavio Moroto had reassured the tourists leaving for Bibione. There are many who should be contacted to see if they can leave quietly and also to express solidarity. However, the area affected by the fire is far from hotels, apartments, and campsites, so there was no structure or beach.

A fire broke out this morning, shortly before noon, in the former Miragica theme park area, in the industrial zone of the city Molfta (Barry). The flames covered the entire area with a thick plume of black smoke, which invaded that section of State Route 16 and can also be seen from the city. The fire brigade was still working to put out the fire, and the local police in Molfetta immediately intervened. Surveys will have to ascertain the nature of the fire, if it is insidious, and understand where it started, whether from the shrubs outside or inside the park, which has been closed since November 2018 and that there are still, abandoned years ago, structures in the wood and iron of old attractions.

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