Host Julie Chen suffered a stroke live on the news: I couldn’t speak

Julie Chen, journalist and presenter for To News, had a stroke while presenting the news. Realizing that something was wrong, the woman immediately crossed the line into the weather. The video went viral.

a Stroke on live TV while running the news. happened to jolly chin, journalist and host of KJRH-TV’s KJRH-TV Channel 2 News Oklahom. The woman fell ill while reporting on the launch of a NASA Artemis-I rocket into orbit. Pictures of that dramatic moment ended up on the internet and instantly went viral, simultaneously unleashing a streak of affection towards the woman. The video shows the presenter who can only utter a few words before realizing that something is wrong. Quickly, she passes the line to the weather for first aid, meanwhile colleagues present with her in the studio alert her.

Colleagues recognize symptoms and call 911

To save the journalist were colleagues who were with her at that time in the studio. Immediately framing the situation, they alerted 911 so that the woman could be immediately rescued. Chen has been hospitalized and is now fine.

Julie Chen after the stroke: ‘I lost my sight but I was trying to keep going’

In a message posted on Facebook, the journalist thanked those who liked her in these hours. “The past few days are still a bit of a mystery but doctors believe she had a stroke on Saturday morning. Some of you saw it live and I’m sorry that happened‘The woman explained,’During the news, I partially lost vision in one of my eyes and then my hands and arms went numb. Those who were in front of the television on Saturday know how desperately he tried to carry on with the news but words did not reach. I thank my colleagues who immediately recognized the emergency and alerted 911“.

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