Horseback riding: Massimo Grosato and the other bearers of Varletta’s color in Sanremo with champions from four continents

Well represented Varletta di Villanova d’Asti in the Sanremo International Showjumping competition scheduled from Friday to Sunday. With the blue Massimo Grossato there are also Marco Oliveri, Elisabetta Ricci, Giulia Marano, Vittoria Grossato, brothers Niccolo, Carola Contino and Ricardo Maia. Organized by Sanremo Horse Racing Company, for a long weekend in a row at the Solaro Arena.

“appearance – says Maria Grazia Valenzano Menada, head of the commission – Which features top class competitors and is able to guarantee absolutely amazing races as ever. And also about obstacles, there will be our members, someone who is capable of high goals and others who in any case have a great experience.”

There are 150 riders, Amazons, and nearly 250 horses in competition. Competitors are competing from 15 countries, namely Switzerland, France, Argentina, Germany, Monaco, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Egypt, Canada and the United States in addition to Italy. There is no competitor from Australia, compared to years before the disease. Indeed, up to three years ago all the continents of the world were represented.

Blue Massimo Grosato is back among the riders, a Piedmont player now adopted by the real Juventus player, Asti, with two wins this year and already winning several races in San Remo. Then there is Filippo Bologna, the son of art, six Italian titles, he started the season with two victories in the second and third matches and then stopped; Gianluca Carracciolo, still looking for victory after four second places in ten races at the start of the season; Sameh El Dahan is an Egyptian national registered in the UK and has only three championships in Italy and two victories. Luca Incellini, 4 wins in 10 races; Manuel Pinto, 3 races in Italy and a success; Israeli Robin Mohr, only one participation in Italy and a victory over the prestigious Piazza di Siena; Argentinian Matias Alfaro won three races last month and the Sanremo Racing Club record holder plays at home to Brazilian Felipe Nagata Mendonca, who has already won three times in 2022. Then there are the other members of the Sanremo Club. They are Camila Conte, Ludovica Marelli, Monica Martini, Greta Mundi, Marie Eder Ferrero, Mila Julie Antonius, Eva Ardatovskaya, Desiree Melanie Forrest, Adriana Atena Ladoff, Karen Therese, Charlotte Ribeli, Clara Mattei Henriette Ribelli, Giulia Rossi, Camila Rossi, and .

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The contest secretary is Valentina Elliotri. In addition to the international Csi with two stars and two stars, a national competition is planned at the same time. 10 races are held every day. It starts at 8 in the morning and is almost non-stop and continues almost non-stop until the late afternoon. free entry. On Sunday afternoon there will be the Grand Prix, the most difficult race but also the best paid race. Massimo Grosato is one of the candidates.

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