Horoscope for the week Gemini is ready to challenge fate

A somewhat boring week, perhaps at the beginning, but it will give us the most beautiful and strongest zodiac planet in Pisces… There is an atmosphere of love between the twelve…!


Now that Jupiter not only sprinkles degrees of your luck, possibilities and desires of all kinds, with a beneficial aspect to the Sun, it is further enhanced by expanding your reality and creating new and very interesting dynamics that will open up new paths for you, surprises and friends that will create movement and connection around you. Venus disappears for you towards the end of the week and you will find yourself assessing the importance of some love and relationships…


The arrangement of the planets improves this week and something is restored, a series of dynamics at work are adjusted which become more manageable and less looming, while ideal conditions for communication are once again useful for clarifying love and generally more subdued, while the sky is still expecting a little From effort and great interest in business and investments, be careful and seek advice …


A very diverse week for you, starting with the planet Mars that greatly stimulates your reality making you bold and ready for the usual cynicism to challenge fate, and here you will be brilliant and independent again, while the sky wants to remind you on Thursday that something from the past is not completely resolved and perhaps you need more The impetus and motivation to get back and definitively close with something, while Venus will enter the squared end of the week giving you the opportunity to necessarily focus on love…


The Moon will give you a big boost this week which will then be replaced by Venus, which, positioning itself in a sublime trine aspect, will give you the strength and energy needed to manage a more calm and loving situation in general, you will be. able to afford to live well and dedicate yourself to feelings of beauty, to regain so many small luxuries that make you feel good and make you alive, here your reality seems to be taking a wonderful step forward towards that promised lightness that is about to become your new lifestyle…

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This warm Jupiter makes itself felt, helps you have a great and steady trine, it’s the perfect shield to counter those emotions that tend to overwhelm you, and at the same time, as you’re on the go, the need to eliminate some problems becomes strong and it will be your beautiful Venus to help you get rid of Some heaviness, in fact by ceasing to oppose you on Friday, it leaves you more room for simplicity and the desire to immerse yourself romantically in your relationship …


The week fails to be soft in its first part and the stars still force you to think, you feel around you a series of changes that you do not read well, and perhaps someone anchoring you in the past that you cannot develop, while from Friday Venus will be in opposition and will put you in a position It allows you to see clearer and broader how you act in love, you will feel the need to be clearer and clearer with your feelings, within yourself and with the one you love.. ..

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While Mercury still puts you in a very nervous position to force you to solve a series of situations that have to do with family and assets once and for all, Venus gives you the last few days of lightness in love where it will not be to further complicate your reality by racking your brains over the impossible, it may It’s time to be half-hearted and to increasingly postpone your harsh analysis of the emotional dynamic…

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Finally, some good news for you: on Friday, the beautiful Venus enters the ring and will give you the opportunity to do everything you can to be able to fall in love again and to make everything beautiful and full of emotional meaning again. A magical weekend is getting ready that will make you wonderful again and full of pleasant surprises, surprises and small novelties, so don’t let yourself be confused by the beginning of the week that seems boring and still groping, day by day you will feel better …


Jupiter certainly has great strength and helps you by making you use one of your best qualities, optimism, which will help you overcome a series of situations where your reality is tested by the superficiality of others, you try to overlook and minimize it. The sense of the end of some dynamics that the beautiful Venus cannot help but remind you of on Friday and make you experience the right emptiness in order to convince you to start over and create a new feeling which will instead be constructive and solid…


You are a little hesitant this week whether or not to speak clearly, even if different emotions and dynamics have confused you and you don’t feel ready to face a clear speech, you certainly won’t put off that you will solve it, if you really want to procrastinate, however, wait for Friday when The beautiful flower will put you in a position to enjoy kindness and positive returns in your relationships, don’t get upset on the inside, take your time but calmly…

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An excellent week for you who have optimal support from Jupiter making you quicker and more able than usual to make decisions quickly and summarize paths as you turn the page again, while Venus will clear your score on Friday and allow you to feel more assertive and ready to build on a new relationship that makes you more Willing to seize the best in the relationship, excellent at work, while Jupiter will play a bit with your image, putting you at the center of attention with a more glamorous allure…


You have many reasons to be happy and full of momentum, the planets are your friends at this moment, but Friday even more because you will receive the entry of beautiful Venus in your score, Venus is the sweetest and most loving of the zodiac. In Pisces, and you will live it again to the fullest, as you immerse yourself in this wonderful emotional feeling that you know how to give in in any situation, it is time to consolidate love while thanks to a clever move by Mercury, many of you will eradicate a problem from the past needlessly To worry anymore…

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