Horoscope, characteristics of Leo like Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle born under the sign Lion The August 4, 1981. His horoscope perfectly reflects that, and features likepride on the one hand, and generosity On the other hand, it allows us to understand how the Duchess of Sussex is so likable and so connected at the same time. Leo is a strong, decisive and dynamic sign, just like Meghan, who in just a few years has brought the winds of change in the English royal family and in the life of her husband Prince Harry.

Horoscope: Characteristics of Leo

Leo (July 23 – August 22) It is a fire sign. Its reference planet is the Sun, its stone is diamond and its metal is gold. In fact, its color is golden yellow. Poppies and sunflowers are their flowers. Its star core is incense.

according to Virgo, those born under the sign of Leo are proud, self-centered, like true Sun Kings, but they are also generous and merciful. They are endowed with the joy of life, strong willpower, enthusiasm and intelligence.

Adores Leo is passionate and self-confident, which is really striking. As in nature, when he chooses his “prey”, he enthusiastically throws himself, hitting any competitor, because he is not afraid of comparisons. But he also knows how to be very generous, both physically and emotionally and emotionally. From gifts to constant declarations of love, Leo knows how to make you feel loved. His desires are very clear, he prefers to have someone who will give him prestige at his side. flaw? Those born under the sign of Leo are very self-confident, do not believe that they can be betrayed, and if they did, they could not stand it out of pride.

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at work He was born for leadership positions, and for leadership roles, and he absolutely hates having to succumb to feedback and verification. The professions in which he succeeds best are teaching, commerce, and professions that have contact with the public.

in free time He does not like to be alone, he prefers a “court”, alternating between relaxation, sports and leisure. In short, Leos never stand still, from dance to music: they like to be on the move.

Meghan Markle, born under the sign of Leo

Like everyone born under the sign of Leo, Meghan Markle came to the English court and attracted all eyes to her. The “Hurricane Megan“, Since her engagement to Prince Harry, she has shown us her personality. Strong, decisive, intelligent but also generous. She is highly involved in many charitable activities, especially in favor of women’s rights, the former actress, now the wife of the second sons of Carlo and Diana, It is a blessing and a cross of the royal family.

On the other hand, we know that Leo loves to be the center of attention, and Meghan Markle always manages to get people talking. Mom archery And the Lilibet DianaIn 2020, he and Harry decided to travel to the United States, and the couple returned to the UK together only in 2022, on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

A style icon, Meghan is among the most copied (even by Spanish Letizia), and after quitting acting for love, she launched into the production world alongside Prince Harry.

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