Horner: “Red Bull as Ferrari in 2022”

Christian Horner said Red Bull will run in the same way as Ferrari from 2022.

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Christian Horner said Red Bull will be operated in the same way as Ferrari from 2022. Red Bull Powertrains, a division of the Red Bull F1 team, will operate in 2022. It will acquire the intellectual property of outgoing auto partner Honda. Horner has made it clear that Red Bull will operate in the same way as Ferrari.

Ferrari is the only other team to operate from a single operating point. Those in Maranello. Its hulls and engines are built in-house, and both are from the same campus.

In contrast, Mercedes’ engines are built by a Daimler-owned company, Mercedes High Performance Powertrains, based in Brixworth, UK, while the F1 team is based in Brackley. The Alpine plant is located in Enstone in the UK, with engines developed at the Renault Viry-Chatillon plant in France.

Horner explained that construction of the Red Bull Powertrains facility is on schedule. “What was an old repository is undergoing a minor update!“Horner jokes on Channel 4.”It will be the seat of the engine chassis. We’re in week 25 and it should be ready by April next year. It’s amazing how quickly it can change. We have dynamometers coming in October. It is lifted on a crane. We are recruiting aggressively at the moment. We’re bringing in some great talent and doing it in the UK is really exciting.

Using the axle we have here and the synergies we will achieve with the chassis side, we are the only team in Formula 1, besides Ferrari, to have everything in one location.”

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It’s great that Red Bull is committed to this sport, and they have done so with the UK and the talent that is in the UK. We are only grateful for the quality of the people we are attracting to this project.”

With the headache of finding a new powertrain supplier by taking over Honda’s design and bringing development work in-house, Horner said it’s the next logical step for Red Bull, which will also supply AlphaTauri engines. “We control our destiny, explained. “Of course, it’s more responsibility, it’s more work. But if you apply the same foundations to making tires as engines, it’s about the right people, the right equipment, the right approach and philosophy.

We’ve shown that we can do this from the side of the structure. We’ve taken a lot of people out on the engine side already. How does an energy drink [azienda] Make a competitor engine? But that’s all the motivation we need to say, “Yes, we can.” Time will tell.”

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