Horizon Forbidden West, Wave 0 and 1 for PS4 and PS5: Review blasting begins

L ‘Reception reserved for Horizon: Forbidden West From the press it was very warm, with the Guerrilla Games Open Games winning excellent ratings and comments.

Overall, the new PlayStation Studios title quickly gained an excellent reputation with Metacritic modes of Horizon: Forbidden West who settled on 88/100. However, the situation is definitely different in terms of the votes reserved for the game by the users. Initially high, medium designated by Metacritic community to Horizon: Forbidden West In fact, it quickly receded with the appearance of the first phenomena bombing review.

At the moment, Guerrilla production features a an average of 7.7 / 10with more than 1,900 positive reviews and, conversely, more than 560 strongly negative reviews, which allocate votes for Aloy’s new project even including Between 0/10 and 3/10. Among the main motives of the more hostile comments, there are accusations of a “boring plot”, the gameplay is very similar to the previous one Horizon: Zero Dawnor, in general, the “vanity” of production.

A phenomenon that unfortunately doesn’t surprise much, with exclusives – be it Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo products – often the subject of blind criticism from the most toxic parties in the video game community.

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