Horizon Forbidden West, patch 1.21 is available on PS5, ahead of Burning Shores’ launch

Guerrilla Games released today patches 1.21 to Horizon Forbidden Westin light of the expansion’s imminent release Burning beacheswhich will be available on PS5 starting tomorrow.

In addition to preparing the game to welcome downloadable content, the update introduces some Entry options Unpublished which is likely to be appreciated by players. In particular, it is now possible to change the size of the subtitles and a function has been added for automatic collection of materials on the ground.

A mode for sufferers has also been added thalassophobiaor fear of very deep bodies of water (seas and lakes for example) and what might be hiding in them, even if it is not clear at the moment what changes it brings to the game.

The list, as shared by Guerrilla Games on Reddit, includes:

  • Zoom translation
  • automatic combination
  • Color blindness settings
  • automatic camera
  • Assisted mode using focus
  • Modalities of thalassophobia
  • Additional accessibility features (not specified)

As mentioned earlier, Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.21 prepares the game files for the Burning Shores expansion which will be available tomorrow, April 19thexclusively for PS5.

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