Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Beaches is bombarded with negative reviews for being ‘too awake’

In a completely predictable way, unfortunately, with user reviews open to Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores The classics also appeared Bombardment of negative reviews because of this Content deemed “too awake”.

Facing an average rating from critics which currently stands at 81 based on about two dozen reviews, confirming the positive rating of first reviews, Metascore has reported to users a troubling concern. 4.8Because most of the reviews are negative.

While there have been some more reasonable criticisms of the story construction and variety of events, a lot of the user reviews focus on Aloy’s sexual title, given the revelation that has come of what happened to the protagonist in the new expansion (which is a spoiler, in case it doesn’t play, so click the link at your own risk) .

A significant portion of the negative reviews criticize the game’s shift toward cause LGBTQarguing that the developers wanted to insert a political agenda in Horizon Forbidden West and pushed the LGBT issue by introducing elements related to this, more or less forcibly.

Among these are various alleged claims Advertising Wake tends to miss the most reasonable criticisms and in no time the ‘0’ rated reviews become the majority, as is often the case in these cases.

In the meantime, in the past few hours it has appeared that the Pangea Statuettes code is missing in Italian, you can read it at this address.

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