Hope in Agreements and Disagreements (Nuf): “Vaccines for children? To parents I say: “Rely on pediatricians and trust in science and medicine”

“The Vaccine for children? My advice to all people is Rely on our pediatricians. Let us trust in science and let us trust in medicine.” Thus the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza guest announcement Agreements and disagreements, and political discourse led by Luca Sumi NS Andrea Scanzi Broadcast on Nove every Wednesday at 21.25, about administering an anti-Covid vaccine too under 12. “For children – the minister said – there is already a final assessment of Ema, the European Medicines Agency and Aifa, the Italian agency: we will leave: On December 16 My opinion and advice to all people is to rely on our pediatricians. We are lucky in this country because we have Pediatricians of Free Choice And absolute quality doctors. Then I say Let’s trust themI say to parents who may be suspicious, in some cases, understandably: Talk to the pediatricians, it is not up to Uno Spot on the UN talk show or leave a United Nations Social Network Or research done on the Internet or in a sports bar, as it often happens for other subjects. It is a sensitive issue and I think it should be addressed strictly and seriously,” concluded Speranza.

Agreements and disagreements produced by Loft Productions for Discovery Italia and will be available live and later on demand on the new streaming service Discover + As well as on .’s website, app and smart TV TVLoft. Nove can be seen on digital terrestrial channel 9, and on Sky Canale 149 and Tivùsat Canale 9.

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