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Honoring residents Elizabeth, waiting in line exceeds 24 hours

Line visitors who want to honor Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall It has again exceeded the waiting period of 24 hours. This was announced by the British authorities, noting the possibility of establishing a new position for the entrances, given the end of the queue in South Park, in the southeast quarter of the city. “If the park becomes filled to full capacity, access to the queue for a break will be cut off,” reads a note from the British Media Department. Previously, a notice was issued asking residents not to travel and not to increase the waiting list. Tonight, despite the minus 10 degrees Celsius temperature, thousands of people patiently waited their turn to bid farewell to the Queen. A man was arrested yesterday evening for assaulting public order after he started running to get to Elizabeth’s coffin. The Queen’s coffin will remain in Westminster Hall until Monday, the day of the funeral.

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