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The latest edition of the pro-democracy daily Apple, which was forced to shut down in the grip of China’s new national security law, ran like hot cakes yesterday morning in Hong Kong.

Long lines of people waiting to buy a copy of the newspaper formed throughout the former colony, while many retailers ran out of stock within minutes and waited for new deliveries. All in all, the tabloid plans to print one million copies of its latest edition.

The newspaper’s deputy editor-in-chief Chan Boye-man wrote in a farewell letter to readers: “The Apple Daily is dead: “Freedom of the press is a victim of tyranny”, he added. Hong Kong police last week charged two newspaper executives arrested in a shocking attack involving 500 customers of “colluding with a foreign country or with external agents to endanger national security”. The authorities also froze $2.3 million in assets owned by three companies linked to the publication.

Protests this morning in front of the Chinese Embassy in Paris with Journalists Without Borders bringing a grave with copies of the newspaper.

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