Hong Kong model and influencer Abby Choi murdered. A dismembered body is found: the family members of the ex-husband are arrested

She had disappeared on February 21, and for four days, the Hong Kong police forces were on her way, and she did not rule out the hypothesis that Abby Choi He was still alive. On the evening of Friday, February 24, the tragic discovery occurred in a village Lung Mi Tsuen: the body of the model and influencer 28 years, largely cut with an electric saw, was found in an apartment. Hong Kong policemen reported that some fragments of human tissue were found in the pots. Officers are not yet able to locate the woman’s head, torso, and hands. The killer and his potential accomplices had placed other remains of the body in the house’s refrigerator, recently rented and unfurnished. The investigating authorities believe that the house could have been taken specifically to dispose of the body of Choi, who appeared last week on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine. the official.

Motivation and possible arrests

sheriff, Alan Chung Nga Eun He explained that the parts of the woman’s body that had not yet been found may have already been destroyed once and for all. However, the authorities seem willing to conduct further searches in areas near the village, also using divers, to try to recover other fragments of the body. However, immediately upon its discovery, the police arrested three people. These are the parents and brother of the victim’s ex-husband. They are now in prison awaiting questioning. One of the hypotheses being examined by investigators is that the crime may be related to the ongoing separation lawsuit between the model and her ex-husband, which could have cost the latter about 12 million euros. “We believe there were many disputes over money between the victim and her ex-husband’s family involving large sums,” the police said. “Someone was dissatisfied with how the victim managed his assets.”

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