Honda Civic and: HEV, let’s touch it with your hand

Hybrids only in Europe – the new Honda Civic and: HEV It will arrive at the dealership September subordinate 2022 (And shortly thereafter, the R sports version will come in) But already now we had the opportunity to see and touch it with our own hands. The new generation of the Japanese sedan complements the electrification of the Honda range, which in Europe decided to offer only hybrid or pure electric models (this is not the case elsewhere, in fact in the United States, Civic also has conventional heat engines) . To break the delay with electronic versions: HEV, the acronym used for hybrid, was the CR-V in 2019, 2020 was instead the year of Jazz, but also the year of Honda’s all-electric, while 2022 is the year of the HR-V hybrid crossover and Civic.

ten generations – In continuous production since 1972 – Only competitor and fellow Toyota Corolla models can boast a longer life cycle for models of the same name – Honda Civic car From the eleventh generation it continues the evolution made in 2005, which turned it into a full-size mid-size sedan. Honda, in reinterpreting this iconic model that has sold more than 27.5 million units worldwide, aims to enhance the concept behind it: the Civic wants to be a car for everyone, spacious and welcoming, but also a hatchback full of character and technology.

High quality interior designs A lot has been done to increase the feeling of space on board Honda Civic car For all passengers. Driving visibility is increased thanks to the 50mm retraction of the A-pillar (that of the windshield) that points directly into the center of the wheels. The horizontal viewing angle is now 87 degrees, blind spots have been reduced to a minimum and the windshield wipers “disappear” behind the 25mm lower windshield base.

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The horizontally developed instrument panel indicates the improved usability of the passenger compartment in the new cabin Honda Civic W: happiness; For the central vents, a unique honeycomb-shaped solution was chosen, very gentle and with good tactile feedback. discreet – as always – the quality of materials, general assembly and ergonomics; All shapes are optimized to adapt to the type of movement they require: twisting, pulling or pressing. The central 9-inch touchscreen is now surrounded by the 10.2-inch screen on the dashboard. The roof volume has been reduced by 50 mm in the wing area: the overall dimensions of the rear part have been reduced, becoming steeper and more elegant, without sacrificing space for rear passengers. Sometimes it might look like a coupe.

More symmetrical design – The belt line has been cleaned and lowered, the aluminum hood has become more dynamic and powerful, which seems to lean forward. the new Honda Civic and: HEV It is illuminated by large glass surfaces that help to determine the proportions of liquids, very clean and with a clear identity. Moreover, in comparison with the current Civic, the arches of the wheel arches are rounded out from the tires, which confirms their size. The front end looks more streamlined and sporty. In its horizontal geometry, the hood – which closes over a black honeycomb grille – and the adaptive high-beam LED headlights (ADB) with a new graphic design stand out.

on this Honda Civic W: happinessEven the tail benefited from a cleanliness-based restyling: Optical groupsets—compatible with the C setup—run along the length, attached to a wide, thin brake light. The convenient tailgate of the luggage compartment, with a capacity of about 410 liters, is made of plastic resin; The convenient side foldable parcel shelf is appreciated.

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The slightly wider rear track, as well as the feeling of greater overall stability, promises more comfort and precision on the road. compared to Honda Civic car From the tenth generation, the width of 150 cm remains unchanged, and instead of it increases the length by 455 cm (3 cm more) and the wheelbase 273 cm (3.5 cm more); Decreasing overall height, with 141 cm, makes Honda’s new entry the lowest in the C-class, compact sedans. In general, we can say that the distinctive character of the Civic has certainly remained, but it has changed with more elegance.

Mandatory selection of the engine – the new Honda Civic and: HEV A hybrid was born and in the future plans of the manufacturer neither plug-in versions nor 100% EV were expected. Only the revamped Japanese hatchback will offer a full hybrid powertrain, with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine—better than the Otto cycle for thermal efficiency, two electric motors, one for propulsion, one as an alternator, and a 72-cell lithium-ion.

The combined strength of Honda Civic W: happiness 184 hp with 315 Nm of maximum torque. Also thanks to the fixed-ratio transmission, Honda reported reduced fuel consumption by 5 liters per 100 km and CO2 emissions of about 110 g / km according to WLTP homologation tests.

Many safety equipment Among the many security features Honda Civic W: happinesswhich at the moment we have not been able to check dynamically, the adaptive cruise control with a 0 km/h mileage maintenance system and an improved lane are worth mentioning, as well as the Blind Spot Monitoring (BSI) and Optimized Maneuvering Movement (CTM) systems.

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