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No Imu and Tari on buildings undergoing urban renewal. This is what the consolidated text of the urban renewal bill presented to the Senate Environment Committee expected. The text provides for a series of incentives during the period of redevelopment works, and “in order to enhance the reuse of existing real estate” and “increase efficiency, safety and sustainability”, also stipulates that municipalities can raise rates of Imu. “Real estate units” or “unused or unfinished buildings for more than five years”. Regions can do the same with an additional personal income tax of 0.2%.

“For the transfer of property to persons who undertake urban renewal interventions with a public or private initiative, – it continues – registration, mortgage and survey taxes are applied in a fixed amount of € 200 each.”

“Just thinking of tax hikes in a crisis phase like the ones we’re going through makes you speechless. To believe, then, that exacerbating the already very high taxes on real estate is the way to promote their redevelopment, is to ignore reality. Unacceptable expectations, are not at all matched by reductions. Partial and temporary tax in case of intervention. ” This was stated by the President of Confedilizia, Giorgio Spaziani Testa, in his comment on the text of the urban renewal bill that stipulates the possibility of municipalities to increase IMU rates on unused property.

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