Home Bonus, Bill Discount, and Balance Transfer Remains: This is how the ancient inscriptions beat the Superbonus

Home Renovation Bonus: Expected Changes to Maneuver

The 2022 budget law, which has just been passed, is traditionally the subject of negotiations, reviews and proposals by political forces interested in modifying its essential features. Starting with home renovation bonuses, which are an integral part of New maneuver.
At present, with reference to the Government-approved Budget Act speech delivered by Prime Minister Mario Draghi last week, The status of home renovation bonuses is as follows:
– Clear rewards back home. In particular, two reductions were envisaged that would significantly limit the use of bonuses in the coming years: not to renew the possibility of resorting to a discount on the invoice or balance transfer, except for business covered Super Bonus 110%.
– double Additional interfaceswhich has only been extended to 2022 and to a maximum of 60%.
– The residential Superbonus (Superecobonus and Supersismabonus) from 2024 will see the rate drop to 70% (for 2024) and 65% for 2025. It is clear that under these conditions, however Superbonus will expire in two years because it has no significant incentive No one will decide on a business that requires complex procedures and strict requirements.
– confirmed Termination of Superbonus 110% Facility on June 30, 2022 for Detached Homes. A small extension has been granted from December 31, 2022 only to properties that meet one of the following conditions: 1) Cila (Statement of Commencement of Works) or, on request, communications related to demolition and reconstruction work jointly submitted by another 30 September; 2) It is a property with the characteristics of the first home owned by a person With ISI less than 25 thousand euros. But those with an ISEE of this level usually do not have a priority to make the home efficient.

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