Holy Queen Elizabeth II? In the UK it’s more than a hypothesis

Canonization of Queen Elizabeth. This is the latest suggestion that comes from United kingdom. And in the weekly viewerjournalist Charles Moore Explain how and why it would not be a utopia. “If the Anglican Church wanted to do that, this would be the best time to start the procedureThus, the hypothesis would be more than realistic. The reporter stressed that the king, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, already possessed two characteristics that should be revered: heroic virtue Recognized by the Anglican Church in the past e Two recognized miracles. According to Moore, it would not be difficult to find someone willing to testify: “The world is full of people who think the Queen has somehow cured themAs the cult grows, the examples of its miracles will increase. The Church of England, headed by the King, accepts previous canonizations of the Reformation, but has never proposed new canonizations. Is this the time to do so? On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth is very much loved in the kingdom and recognized by the United The advantage of representing the glue between the crown and the state. Lifelong devotion to service promises—her concern for others before her—as well as her honesty, integrity, and personal humility became A shining example for those who are part of public lifeHistorian and journalist Matthew Dennison said in an interview with FanPage. Saint Elizabeth II: Will it become more than a suggestion?

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