Holland Flying World Championships in Campione del Garda

An event with the contribution of the Lombardy region and the patronage of the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda – movies, photos and ratings

The World Championship in the Flying Dutchman class was held at Campione Del Garda-Univela.
The queen of the Olympic classes returned to compete in the World Championships in Garda after those in Malcesine fifteen years earlier and again at Campione del Garda in 1985.
The Flying Dutchman is the fastest and most elegant of the classic boat, after years of great success – with successful crews also in Italy – it lost its Olympic status after the 1992 Olympics, but the fleet remained so much.
Sixty-eight competitors from three continents gathered in the waters of the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda.

High-ranking boats have long used the Campione del Garda Regatta to compete for the sure finish of the championship in normal winds.
A total of 10 races were conducted in 5 days of racing with different winds. Preparations with payloads and competitor registrations began on September 3.
Twelve countries present: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, USA, Switzerland and Hungary.

Germany’s victory
Germans Kay uwe Ludkte and Kai Schafers won the glorious FD class world championship at the Lombard branch of Garda, an Olympic drift that continues to tell the stories of world sailing.
In the lake regattas organized by Univela Sailing under the auspices of Federvela, the FD Internazionale class and the contribution of the Lombardy region, after the German team, the Danish brothers Bojsen Moller, Olympic champion, were the winners, always world champion back in 1985.
The best of the blues were brothers Nicola and Francesco Vespasini of the Lake Bracciano Sailing Association, who were always on the top team this class.
The Italian national team proved its competitiveness with several victories in partial results and also an excellent final result for Pincherelli-Karinkola and Gregory-Geronzi.

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Conclusion and awards.
Fifth day with many interviews.
Fourth day with photos from the drone.
The third day, an interview with the secretary of the German class.
The third day with an interview with the first Italians.
second day.
First day.



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