Hold Me Closer with Elton John is a worldwide hit / #1 on iTunes USA!

Britney Spears is back at #1 on iTunes in the world: The duo with Elton John in Hold me close is Pop!

Britney Spears Finally back in music, Dawn August 26, 2022 Released on all music platforms hold me close, the new song that sees Elton John combine with her in a wonderful remix of his old 1971 song, Tiny Dancer. Hold Me close is the perfect fusion between the baronet’s Pop Piano rock, of which the piano is its representative element, and the dance-pop style that has characterized the music of the Queen of Pop in recent years. Britney Spears’ return to music has been waiting for years, after the American singer who matured in 2016 was chosen to indulge Backstage breakAfter the release of the latest studio album titled Glory. 6 years after saying goodbye to the scene, meanwhile, Britney Spears thanks Elton John in a Gratitude letter moved Socially, for the trust placed on them for the purposes of what promises to be the duo as well as pop franchise 2022-2023, it will resonate globally.

Also because in the first hours after the release Hold me actually calculates a few closer responses from the first few hours #1 Check iTunes Charts for Various Countries around the World. Britney Spears, recent from emancipation of guardianship—the legal institution that judges her unable to act in name and on her own behalf, who from 2008 to 2021 tied her to guardians including her father Jamie Spears and whom the court named “arbitrary protections of liberty and property”—ranks first in the ranking iTunes USA With the duo seeing her champion alongside Elton John, beating out competition from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Evanescense. but this is not all. Santa Las Vegas – the city of sin to which it has dedicated Britney Day, celebrated on November 5th every year the influence it exerts on Lasvegasian entertainment by showcasing the Britney-Piece of me stay – also ranks #1 on the country’s iTunes charts other, such as: Australia, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Qatar, The top positions in the world are set to increase more, to get the new hit of Hold me closer. Just think of the Italian arrangement Best iTunes Songs in Italythe British singer and musician and Britney Spears debuted at 08:09 on August 26, 2022 in second place, behind Caramello who remained at number one with Rocco Hunt, Lola Indigo and Elettra Lamborghini.

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Meanwhile, Hold me close is also available on Spotify Global, already featuring a new and important milestone for Sir Elton John and legend Britney Spears. Hold me closer is actually referred to in #1 in playlist popup With over 6 million likes.

The touching letter of Britney Spears, addressed to Elton John

In an intervention recorded in FacebookMeanwhile, Britney Spears released a Hot first comment Compared to the release of the song Hold me close, saying that she is grateful to Elton John for the confidence she placed in her in the collaboration, which is a booster of renewed optimism to take back her destiny: “Well, great, my first song in 6 years!!! It’s a good thing that I’m a duet with one of the most Men are elegance of our times…Elton John!!!!I’m a little confused…it’s a big responsibility for me!!!I meditate more and learn that my space is precious!!!I learn that every day is a clean slate of trying to be a better person and that I do what makes me happy… Yes, I choose happiness today. I tell myself every day to let go of bitterness and hurt and try to forgive myself and others for what might be hurting. I want to be as brave as I was younger and not be frightened and frightened. I pray that There is truth in the Holy Spirit and I hope the Spirit is with my children too!!!Yes..today I chose happiness and joy!!!”.

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On YouTube, Elton John’s channel has been uploaded to please music users a Animated video by Hold me closewhere a pop baronial merging with a saint by firing a rocket suggestive of a rosy meadow, as the two’s representative symbols appear: a rocket and a rose.

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