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The new version of the official FAQ for Hogwarts Legacy Unfortunately confirmed Quidditch It won’t be present in the game, at least not in a playable form.

Quidditch was one of the items that was definitely dear to players because it could make an excellent pastime between one magic lesson and another. Among other things, in one of the trailers released in the past, it was possible to see a character in one of the uniforms of this sport, which raised the hopes of the fans.

Quidditch’s existence has yet to be confirmed or denied by the developers of Avalanche, so much so that it wasn’t even mentioned in the first edition of the Hogwarts Legacy FAQ. Now the official unfortunately arrived with the study which states:

Quidditch cannot be played in Hogwarts Legacy. However, you can use a broom to fly and participate in broom competitions. Players can also explore the new and familiar locations surrounding Hogwarts Castle on a broom ride.

Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch Zuffbank

Also from the FAQ we learned that there will be many major and minor activities related to flying brooms.

“The broom is a means of transportation for exploration and travel in the Hogwarts Legacy, and there are also broom competitions. Players can attend flying lessons to learn how to master the art of broom flying.”

Hogwarts Legacy will be available from February 10, 2023 For PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Have you seen this gameplay video that allows us to tour the common rooms of the four Hogwarts Legacy homes?

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