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L ‘Exit From Hogwarts Legacy still fixed at 2022, or at least that’s what the Brazilian page of Warner Bros. confirms. , which included the expected link of the Avalanche program within the upcoming games this year.

A few hours ago we wrote an editorial talking about the potential postponement of Hogwarts Legacy to 2023 as a final story in a faltering project, but there is a possibility that this additional setback will sidestep the project based on the novels J.K. Rowling.

It is clear that until the arrival of an official announcement, doubts will remain: promotional contents such as those published by the Brazilian social page of Warner Bros. Leave some time to find and report information that isn’t set in stone.

Of course, a confirmation of this kind, albeit unofficial and uncertain, is better than silence that could have given the idea of ​​an actual problem with the development of the game and therefore the tangible possibility of a postponement until 2023.

At this point, all the lights are on Sony and the next day play condition, which according to many rumors should include the Hogwarts Legacy t railer and – hopefully – its release date as well.

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